Being a Self-Aware Vegan

Another article about surprisingly defending something very associated to the left while being technically right-winged. If you got that I don’t believe in the left and right vision of bipolar politics, you’re right. But I still define myself according to these because apparently that’s what people need to hear before hearing someone out.

I’m vegan. Now that the joke about having a crave of saying it is done, I can move on. I’ve been vegan for something like 3 months now, but I used to hate veganism.

I ended up realizing that what I hated wasn’t veganism, it was vegans. You know, the stereotype you have in mind when you think about a vegan. That annoying guy who thinks he’s morally superior to you for eating nothing but plants. That guy who won’t stop judging you for what you decide to eat. That guy who will also be absolutely offended by any kind of vegan joke, animal joke, meat joke or whatever he sees fit.  That guy who will basically hate you if you’re not vegan, and have only vegan friends. That guy who’s so extreme he’s going to go out and look like a fucking retard doing some experimental humiliating shit for peta in the middle of the street.

I fucking hate that cunt. I’m (hopefully) not that cunt. And apparently if I want vegan friends, I have to be that cunt. I will never.

There is two main problems with the sole existence of that cunt.

1) He gives all vegans a horrible reputation. I don’t tell people I’m vegan and I don’t take pride in it. Just like people don’t tell others they’re police officers. It’s controversial and you don’t want to make people think you’re the stereotype. That cunt being what he is, and the vegan movement being about getting more people into doing it, he’s doing the complete opposite by looking like a moron. It’s like trying to convince someone you have good intentions, while pointing a gun to their face. Making people react negatively is not the right way to get them to follow the movement, they’ll associate the negative feeling to you.

2) He’s isolating himself. It’s not only bad for others, it’s bad for him. Ending up with only like-minded people is a bad thing. He’s closing his mind when ironically he opened it to veganism.

If I hate vegans so much why did I became a vegan? Documentaries (that aren’t obvious propaganda), studies, getting information. It seemed like an economically better and healthier way for me to eat. I also kinda care about the animals, but it’s not my first priority, and maybe that is what differentiates me from other vegans. I like animals, but I wouldn’t die for them, you get me? An animal life is not worth a human life. Yes, I’m this guy. I don’t think animal lives are worthless and that they should be tortured in farms. But I also don’t think simply killing an animal to feed yourself, if you kill it in a clean way so the animal doesn’t suffer, is a bad thing. Especially if it’s a survival issue.

I do believe however, that if more people became vegans the environment would be much better, people would be healthier, and animals would less be tortured. If anyone is interested, I can point them to what convinced me to become a vegan, while not forcing you to do so nor hating you if you disagree with me, because you know, I’m not that cunt.

(Yes, that is a vegan burger from Copper Branch. It looks and is tasty as fuck)


3 thoughts on “Being a Self-Aware Vegan”

    1. It’s not meant that way. It’s a cultural thing. Everyone calls everyone cunts in my country.

      If you have something better to propose, I’ll be glad to hear it.

      It has to be vulgar though, I am vulgar and angry it’s kinda my thing.


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